Monday, July 2, 2012

Grotesque tributes

Most drawings of famous people, sometimes created as a tribute or an expression of adoration are scary and disturbing to me.  They are not very well done for the most part, and tend to be grotesque caricatures.
I try drawing well known people because it lets me know how well I have done in creating a proportionate reproduction. It's just a millimeter here or there, and this could be Bill Murray or Bob Hoskins.  It still might, but it was Phil Collins that I had in mind.   Caricatures are actually easier, the distortions typically used to emphasize the distinguishing characteristic ( Phil's forelock for instance here) take away the expectation to see a true likeness.  Not dissing that art form, but its not what I intended to do here.  I'll find "Abacab" and listen to it today.