Thursday, November 22, 2012

Exorcise the confusion

Spent two days at a "Chief learning Officer Summit" in Mumbai last month.  We didn't have a booth and I was attending a few sessions.  The "take away" was that Indian companies need thousands of employees to sustain growth and that the potential employees are just not skill-capable to do almost anything.  Hence employers need to train the ungroomed and incapable masses that the Indian School systems churn out.   This unhappy task belongs to the Chief Learning Officer.

I drew the horrified onlookers as every speaker drew a gloomy picture of his or her challenges that he or she then overcame triumphantly.  It was great drawing people who seemed transfixed and held their poses.
There was a lot of "Nurturing", "Mentoring", and "Leadership inculcation" mentioned.   Further, assorted "Aspirational" motives of the aforementioned ungroomed and incapable youthful masses were also identified.  Good lord.

Drew these with a Ahab Noodlers Flex pen, a new yellow one.  I lost my older one the day I met Matt Groening ( Creator of the "Simpsons").  I met Matt Groening at the INK conference in Pune.( !!) Noodlers Bulletproof black ink and a Sakura Koi waterbrush.