Thursday, May 23, 2013

“Ride my See Saw…”

“…Take my place. Take this seat. It’s for free.” -  Moody Blues

These bikes deliver Dominos pizza. There were about twenty more parked nearby. Eating out has become very common place  for the middle class.  There are many options.  Some pricier than others.  KFC’s, MickeyD’s, Dominos, PizzaHut etc.  are expensive by local standards.  They do maintain a higher level of hygiene.  The other small eateries that have sprung up usually leave a lot to be desired in cleanliness.  But we all know taste kills the germs, right?  

Dominos Pizza, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune.

 The rules for picking a place to eat are pretty universal.  Always pick one with the highest amount of local traffic.  There may be little to no service because the “usuals’ know what they want, so just point to what seems to be most popular and order .  If there are public servants eating there, Off/On duty Police, Municipal bus drivers/conductors, office clerks it is a good sign that the food is consistently safe to eat.  On a recent visit to Bangalore I found a vegetarian restaurant next to my hotel . It mostly served the staff from the Bangalore Police Comissioners offices.  Great tasting cheap South Indian food.  Excellent filter coffee.
Hordes of College students are usually not a good sign.  They fall sick, recover quickly and never seem to draw the connection between what they ate/drank at a street corner and their severe amoebic dysentery.   “But it was tasty and cheap!”. :)