Sunday, June 2, 2013

The hills are alive with the sound of jackhammers.

Baner biodiversity park.

The hills around Pune are protected.  Developers would love cover the hillsides with apartments with a "Hilltop view".  However the local environmental activists have been successful in protecting most if not all hills. This one behind my office is also a biodiversity "park".  I dont really know what it means. But there is a lot of tree planting going on and I along with some enthusiastic colleagues go to the top of the hill and water some plants during the dry season.    From the top of the hill the view gets depressing.  As far as the eye can see in almost all directions are large concrete apartment complexes, most of them at least ten stories high.  Who knows where the water for all these people will come from? Power?  Where will all the sewage go?  ( You knew I would wonder that didnt you?).