Monday, June 3, 2013

Of Mus Musculus and Men

Seller of Java Plums ( Jamun)

We have a small garden along the back and side of my house.  Behind our house is a large piece of land that belongs to the Indian Military.  One small barrack and a laundry facility sit in one corner.  The rest is covered with scrub and a few acacia trees and provides a home for many birds and small animals. These creatures regularly make their way into my garden.  Mongoose(s)( geese?), bandicoots, snakes, lizards of  many different types are frequent visitors. One shiny lizard beauty locally called “A snakes aunty”, these regularly occupy my shoes in the winter.   Various birds also come to our garden.  One red eyed crow pheasant, Greater Coucal or Bharadwaj ( local) cocks his head and stares at us through the upstairs bedroom window from his perch on our coconut tree.   But these are the welcome visitors.  The last four years I have spent in this house, we have had mice come indoors for nesting. Some small, cute and brown, some large field monsters.  Mice babies are also really ugly, naked translucent with no fur, closed eyes and tiny claws.  The past winter I successfully barricaded all openings and diligently closed all doors and windows at night and we have not had any mice!  A  personal  victory for me over those... rodents!   Damages include: Innumerable packs of tea leaves, soaps, motherboard/controller washing machine,  books, book case, clothes, wiring, wooden furniture etc.